About Alu-Casting

Alu-Casting Plant

Alu-Casting is a manufacturer of Aluminium Die-Castings. The bulk of our customers are based in the UK and Ireland.  We also design and manufacture the Tooling to manufacture these Aluminium Castings.  This work is usually bespoke and for specific customer requirements. The Tooling is only used for the customer who commissioned the Tooling.  We also manufacture die Cast Aluminium Wall Vents for the Building Hardware retail sector.

The Company also has the facilities for in-house assembly, painting, and electrical testing if required.

Most of our customers are OEMs and SMEs and many have been customers for over 20 years. The Business was called Waterford Castings Ltd until 2011. Other customers include Retail chains, Utility Companies, Start Up Enterprises and Colleges and Universities.

Our machinery includes Electric Furnaces, semi-automatic aluminium die casting machines, vertical and horizontal linishing equipment, CNC Vertical Machining Centres, Auto-Lathes, various conventional milling, turning and tapping machines and vibratory finishing equipment.

We also offer other manufacturing services such as painting, packaging, electrical testing, wire-cutting, full assembly and distribution on behalf of our customers as requested.